Friday, November 20, 2009

Las Vegas Trader's Expo

I went to a session by longtime traders John Carter, Hubert Senters and a bondtrader. I like these guys as they work well together and have the most successful trading business on the web at . They charge $3000 for a 3 day seminar and $1500 for the DVDs. They also charge $500 a month and have over 500 in their chat room every morning. A multi-million dollar business + trading. They do it well.

The bond trader had trouble getting his connection to the internet. So Hubert said, 'here use mine'. The bond trader moved over to Hubert's laptop and entered a bond trade right after the open. The trade immediately went south with about a $500 loss on one contract and there was a question from the audience. "What exactly were you thinking when you entered that trade?"

The bond trader (who is probably not so much a friend any more) thoughtfully replied:

"Well.... I was thinking.... this is Hubert's account so 'WHAT THE HELL' !!!"

The auditorium broke the morning stillness with complete derision and laughter. The comment summed up most of the presentations and all of the exhibits this year.

With that I decided to cut my time at Trader'sExpo short and head home.