Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nice Story

This guy Schrenker ran a ponzi hedge fund and then tried to fake his own death by parachuting out of a plan on autopilot.  An Air Force F-16 joined on the plane and said nobody was inside and the door was ajar.  Now the guys defense is that this would take too much 'planning' and he is not capable of it.  As one poster said, "Gee it is lucky his parachute came down next to where he stored his motorcycle..."  And now he is doing national interviewes on TV??? 

Schrenker told "GMA" that there would be too much planning involved in faking his own death.

"Let's step back and think about what someone would have to do if they wanted to fake their own death," Schrenker said in a jailhouse telephone interview with "Good Morning America's" Chris Cuomo. "They would have to establish a new identity. They would have to have a well-funded bank account, a place where they would live. And I did nothing like that."

Schrenker, 38, said that he'd survived an actual accident Jan. 11 by parachuting to safety after his plane hit turbulence and the oxygen system began to fail.