Wednesday, December 17, 2008


John Grady has a simple web site at and he does a good job of describing the disadvantages of most popular trading methods and systems and provides an excellent description of the benefits of scalping. His market of choice is Bonds and Notes future contracts. I purchased the eBook and received the video via email.

The ebook is very reasonably priced at $39 and is an excellent description of how to scalp any market using interest rate futures for the examples. The video is basic showing several trades over several days and complements the ebook content very well.

I will not become a scalper but this site and ebook did give me a much better understanding of market action at the trade level. It has also increased my respect for traders like John who can make 100 plus round trips in a day without using charts.

If you are interested in scalping or just want to learn more about how others scalp it is well worth the modest fee and the time to watch the video.