Saturday, December 13, 2008

Audio Books for Traders

An 8 GB ipod will hold a lot of great trader audio books.

I have collected some of the best trader related audio books for times when I am stuck at an airport, jogging, or waiting to meet someone.

Some of the best include:

"Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" by Lefever

"PitBull" by Marty Schwartz Get the used cassette tape version which is narrated by Schwartz.

"When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management"

"Liars Poker" by Michael Lewis narrated by Lewis.

Mark Fischer wrote "The Logical Trader" and also has a 3 day seminar on trading that can be found on the web. Great stuff. has an incredible collection of trading seminars. Register and download everything by Linda Bradford Raschke, Larry Williams, Ryan Jones and many many others. A lot of junk on this site but also a lot of value. You would pay hundreds of dollars for this stuff at a seminar or at TraderExpo.

Many of the audio books can be purchased at Their site and copy protection is annoying but the collection of content is the best there is. (Download and convert to MP3 quickly!)

I convert everything to MP3 format as soon as I get it using Audacity which is free and available from The MP3s will play on any ipod and also on any smartphone. I load a 2GB miniSD card for my smartphone with the best of the best audio books.